The History of the Railroad Volume 1


     Relive the beginning of what would become the industry that would change the world. Starting with James Watt, who took the past and helped shape the future. Watt designed the Bolton /Watt single rotative engine with the centrifugal governor (the gas pedal).

     Then to develop a stationary engine unto the steam locomotive, that we remember today.

     From the Tom Thumb, the first locomotive built in the United States to John Bull, a locomotive built in England and shipped to the US in pieces. Given to Isaac Dripps an engineer for the railroad to piece together with his team. Dripps did not have any instructions or prints as well as any knowledge of the steam locomotive. But, in two weeks’ time, he reassembled the locomotive and had it ready for testing.

     The calendar also looks at the importance the railroad had on winning the Civil War.

     Then on to the Flying Scotsman, the fastest steaming locomotive in history. The only steam locomotive to reach 100 mph and had a top in speed of 128 mph.

    Come relive the beginning of the industrial marvels through the golden age of transportation.