Knob Lick: A History


     Step back in time and experience the golden era of Knob Lick. Discover how the St. Louis, Iron Mountain Railway and the opening of the Granite Quarries of Syenite allowed the area to flourish. Find out what it was like to walk down the main streets and visit an ice cream parlor, barbershop, hotel, restaurant, or even the controversial Green Onion Saloon. As you enjoy the 100+ pictures and stories that fill the pages of this book, you'll also learn about the largely forgotten communities of Syenite, Brightstone, and Possum Hollow.

     This book offers snapshots of Knob Lick through its highs and lows, told through the many stories of the people who called it home. The quarries, stores, schools, and railway may have shut down, but the memories live on in words and pictures.