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History of the Railroad Volume One

Relive Knob Lick in its glory days. The first Knob Lick Calendar has twelve historical pictures of the businesses, railroad, school and families of years gone by. The second Knob Lick Calendar has twelve pictures of the Knob Lick Bass Band as it  meets the special trains, the Union Church and it's congregation and five couples celebrating 50 or more years of marriage. Last the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway. Bought by the Missouri Pacific Rairoad in 1917. Each photo reliving the days when the railroad ushered in the Golden Age of Transportation. Each picture is printed on quality matte photo paper. Each calendar is $15 and $4 postage.


New Item: The Knob Lick Historical Calendar III

    Twelve pictures to relive the history of the Knob Lick and Syenite areas. The quarries along with the railroad to ship the granite to St.Louis for the use of the cut to order diaminsional stone. To construct the buildings and and streets that still stand today. See the streets and locations of Wally Beard's store, the Consolidated General Store and more. See the platt maps of Knob Lick and Syenite, the locations of the each areas stores, hotels saloon and the tramway leading from the Milne and Gorden Granite Company, to the sidetracks and granite crusher where they load the rail cars of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway.